Friday, January 11, 2013

Add to the List!

There are a hundred things I think of everyday that I need or want to do before the move.  The moving inspector guy came yesterday and went though the house to get an approximate load size and value. In the process he added things I need to before they get here to pack.

1) Take everything off the walls.
2) Take down all window coverings.
3) Disassemble the trampoline.
4) Disconnect any wired appliances we are moving. (TV's, computers, etc.)
5) Set aside anything they are not to pack in clearly marked space.

Uh!  Take everything off walls... means take everything off the walls and dust it all.  Take down all window coverings... wash all window coverings.  Disassemble it at last minute so daughter doesn't whine about being bored.  Disconnect everything...last minute! I can not live disconnected!!  Set aside things not moving.... pack bags for trip in advance, make sure all laundry is done. Ugh.  More things adding to my list of a million and one things already!

On a brighter note, I bought our tickets to fly out today.  They somehow were $50. bucks cheaper than when I originally looked at them, cha ching!  And I got to call my sister with all the info about picking us up when we get there! Yay!! She is really excited which makes me really excited!!  So I guess all the stress of packing will eventually even out!


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