Wednesday, January 9, 2013

California Girl to Georgia Peach??

Have I said yet that this might be a difficult move for me??  

I REALLY feel like a California Girl at heart...even though I was raised in Florida.  I LOVE California! -With all my heart! So you might ask "Why are you moving then?"  All of my family and my husbands family live in Florida and the older we get the more we are realizing that life is short and you should be near the ones you love.  My husband is retiring from the Marines so they are paying for our move, so what a better time?  It is just hard to leave a place that has touch my soul so!  And there is just a mentality of all acceptance and a place for everyone to find themselves here. I am not sure if I get that vibe from Georgia!  So I am a little bit scared!!  -Even though I do love to move and experience new places.  But I guess I have to think back to moving to Cali from the east coast six years ago.  I thought everyone would be blonde with big boobs and small waists!!  LOL  But how people can't say that people in California are the nicest ever, I have no idea. I love it here!!

So tell me...How do I go from being a California girl to a Georgia peach?? 


  1. You got this girl! With the support system you have there, you'll be a peach in no time!

  2. You can do it!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog hop! Would love for you to follow along :)


  3. You'll do great! I love California but I also love Georgia, and I think you'll enjoy the East Coast :) Thanks for stopping by my blog...follow you now!

  4. I won't lie. It was HARD adjusting to Mississippi after Florida. People were not the same. If you aren't from there, you never will be. Not that I want to be! But it just makes it hard to make friends. Granted, we lived in the middle of nowhere and everyone that lived in that area had lived there forever. I hope you will be closer to or in the city and not stuck in the boondocks. Can't wait to finally be in Colorado so I can be around people again.