Sunday, January 6, 2013

Booking Airfare - Oneway

So...Just my daughter and I are flying to Georgia, as my husband and son will be driving vehicles across country as the military no longer specifically pays for that luxury.   So I need two, one way air tickets.  I thought "Wow, this should be easy and non-stop!  Especially  going from San Diego to Atlanta, yay for no stops!"... WRONG!  I have to stop at least once or be charged an ungodly amount of money for non-stop!  Ugh!  Unless it is an emergency trip I can't see paying $500. or more dollars extra per ticket for non-stop.  Can you?  I mean, I don't have that kind of money laying around to just throw out for no reason!  So, it looks like we will be laying over in Denver, CO.  I've never been there, heard it is beautiful though.  Too bad I will only be seeing it from the air and airport!  So we will leave CA at around 6:30am and get to GA around 3:10pm near the beginning of February. (I don't want to giveo ut specific dates and times for privacy/ security reasons.) Not too bad I guess. Although I do get confused on the timezone and adding or minusing hours as we go...hum.

My daughter is 14 and she has flown with me before and it can be a challenge.  You would think the older the better, but she likes to peruse the plane, so to speak.  I swear the last time we went to Florida she went to the bathroom at least four times!!  And she got bored and hungry easily   So this time I guess I need to buy snacks at the terminal before getting on the plane?  I guess you can't take your own food still? Or is that wrong?

Do you have any tips for traveling with specific ages of children?  I know anything would help me, and would help others who are traveling with littler ones!  Thanks!


  1. Wish you were flying the week of the 21st. I will be about an hour from Denver that week and am crazy enough to go meet you at the airport for 30 minutes just to say hi! lol. I am going to go spend the week with oldest daughter and grandson, Samuel. Can't wait, so excited. As for your daughter, does she have an mp3 player? Or a tablet? Maybe music or a book to read or game on tablet will occupy her for a while. I always fly southwest airlines nonstop for less than $100 each way. I just looked up a flight from San Diego to Atlanta with one stop but no plane change for $150 for (just picked a random date) Feb 4th. I don't know why Southwest doesn't show up on searches like expedia/ travelocity/ orbitz etc. You have to go to the website.

  2. Flying with children is never easy. Each age brings its own challenges. Food and electronic entertainment are the two best things for that age group.