Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snuggle Saturday

Today they are asking us to pick one historical figure you would like to have dinner with!  I LOVE this question!  It was so easy for me: Virginia Woolf!

If you know her story at all by reading her words or even watching The Hours, you know she was a remarkable woman.  A woman who was a literary genius and a woman who suffered with mental illness in a time when there were few answers or little if any real help. I relate to her struggle with mental illness. She did take her own life, which I am not condoning in any way shape or form. I am alluding to her deep moving words that I can so relate to. Her deep desire to live life without pain and to have others be able to live their lives to the fullest. Her ability to take the plight, if you will, of the ordinary woman of her time and put it to paper making her real and making her emotions felt by the reader. To me she was a remarkable woman who I would love to chat with.

These were her last written words.

I hope I have not offended anyone.  I have just struggled with mental illness, most of my entire life and I find an understanding in her words. I find a place of being understood. Does that make sense?


  1. Hey Shannon! Thanks for linking up with us!
    I know a little bit about her personal life, Virginia Woolf, and read a lot of her work in undergrad, but didn't realize how severe her mental illness was... That last letter... I can't even begin to imagine how Leonard felt after Virginia wrote that letter to him. =T
    You have not offended me at all, I think it's bold to talk about it.

  2. I so love this! Great choice! I am now interested in learning more about her, she seems fascinating. And thanks for linking up with us, I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts :)

  3. New follower from the Weekend Blog Hop.

    I've always been very fascinated with the struggles people face.. I find myself researching it often. Always very interesting.. and we each have our own issues that we face either day to day, or long term.


  4. By talking about mental illness it can become more the part of normal life that it really is - and then perhaps less of it will end for people the way it did for Virginia I for one am not offended at all.
    I've not read anything by her for ages but love Mrs Dalloway and To The Lighthouse. And I watched The Hours again last week - wonderful film.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I've read and respect Virginia Wolfe as a great woman and writer but I had never read her final note before and find it really fascinating.

    New follower from the Blog Hop,

  6. Oh my gosh, your dog could be twins with mine! How cute. Visiting via the Meet n Greet Blog Hop! Hello from CA. :)

  7. Her last words didn't offend me at all. In fact, they so reminded me of how I feel at times. She's also one of my favorite female writers. To me, it seems, there are a lot of very creative people who suffered some sort of mental illness. I've always wondered why.