Monday, January 21, 2013


I don't think I have ever mentioned it before but, I can procrastinate! I'm kind of a "Pro"crastinator! Uh!  I do it for a few reasons, which don't really make all that much sense, but to me they do somehow!  If I put things off, then I am not presently worrying about them!  Funny huh, I like to worry last minute!  I can relax now, and just have to hustle for a day or two instead of drawing it out. I think this may come from my learned ability to block things out.  I have gained this talent though out the years as a protective mechanism.  But it can bite me in the butt sometimes....

So the things I NEED to do today:

1) Finish cleaning the camper.  We are staying in it until we find a home in Georgia.  It is not like actually "camping", it's like a mini home.  Just crowded!

2) Start packing the camper with the things we will need while we are not in a house. Things we don't want the movers to pack. Like clothes and ipad and stuff.

3) Take deep breaths and try not to procrastinate these few simple things I have set out for myself to do today!! --Like I am right now while writing this post!!

I crack myself up!

My home for the next few weeks! Eek!!


  1. Good luck!

    Check out my latest blog post:
    Your blog is my latest 'Small Blog' in focus :) Enjoy! XO

  2. good luck! Stopping by from the Meet & Greet blog hop!


  3. Good luck on the move!
    GA is pretty nice...about as different from CA as you can get!
    Drive safetly!