Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Movers Inspection

So the movers are coming to inventory the house so they know how much they will be moving for us. I think it took a half a semi last time... this time, probably about the same. Although the older you get, the more kids you have and the longer you have been married, the more you seem to acquire!

The first time we moved all of our things fit in one for those tiny 8 foot (If that) Uhaul trailers.  Good Lord, we couldn't even fit  a bedroom in one of those now!  Of course we didn't own a couch, or an entertainment center. I think we had 2 papasan chairs, a tv, a dresser and clothes and kitchen stuff.  Funny to think back on how far we have come and how much stuff we now "need" to live.

So... this is as good an opportunity as any to do a final sweep of all things for either a yard sale, give away, or  thrift shop run.   Because believe me, when the movers come they pack any and everything you have left out.  Even a junk drawer with tiny pencil nubs, and one piece of gum! -- Yes, I have gotten unpacking before and discovered such neat little treasures carefully wrapped in tissue paper! Nothing like a move to get you organized once again!  Kids aren't too incredibly thrilled though.  "Mom, I like EVERYTHING I have!"  Yeah, right!

C'est la Vie!

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  1. Nothing like a move to help take stock and scale down. Thank God you have movers!