Thursday, January 17, 2013



This weeks themes: Growing, Making, Worrying, Dancing, Laughing!

Growing:  Restless!  I am getting restless with this move coming to a quick start in less than 2 weeks!  Where has time gone?  Why does it move so fast sometimes and so incredibly slow others??  

Making: Lists!  I have a thousand lists of everything I need to do to move. Packing, buying, trashing, donating, un-registering for, re-registering for....and it goes on.........

Worrying:  About everything!  What isn't there to worry about when you are moving?  But mostly I am worrying for my kids as we move, again... Being a military kid is hard!  You have to go with your family and start all over again, whether you want to or not! :(  It makes me sad for them, even though I know they are well adjusted and make friends easily!  My heart breaks for their heart breaks on moving. It could get teary really soon!

Dancing:  Happy dance!  I love to move to a new house!  Yes, I do! I love to decorate and buy and organize and rearrange and make things pretty!  It is exciting to me to get there and find a great place to live!

Laughing:  At my baby Niece who I will get to meet very soon!  As soon as we step off the plane in Atlanta! It's gonna be so sweet to see my daughter and her growing up and being around each other!  Nothing sweeter!


  1. Hello there! I'm visiting from Harvesting Kale! Movings are so hard for me. I get so emotionally attached to things!! How many times have you moved?

  2. I love the donating, fresh start, uncluttering that happens with moves but ALL the rest of it is exhausting! I hope yours goes just great! And hurray for moving close to family. I wish my kids lived close to their cousins - it's so important <3